PUBG: Battlegrounds - PS4 HDR Settings

PUBG: Battlegrounds Cover
The peak brightness in the game seems to be fixed and not adjustable. This game does not seem to use the PS4/PS5 HDR system calibration settings. 
The HDR peak brightness of light sources is very low at around 400 nits, but the brightness of the UI is about 1000-1500 nits. Try using your TV's tone mapping mode, or switch to SDR by disabling HDR in the Playstation system menu.

PUBG: Battlegrounds - Display Settings
Brightness Slider - Sets the brightness of the image in the same way as in SDR mode. Setting it too high will lose the black level and make the image appear low contrast and washed out colors. If the value is too low, you will lose visibility of enemies and objects in dark areas. You can also set a custom slider value for different maps.

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