Sony TV Settings for HDR Gaming

Sony TV Cover

Check for TV Firmware Updates. Make sure you connect the console to a TV's HDMI port that supports HDMI 2.1, 4k 120Hz, Dolby Vision, etc (if available).

General Settings
    Channel & Inputs \ External inputs \
        HDR signal format -  "Enhanced format" for the HDMI port to which the console is connected. You can also choose "Enhanced format (Dolby Vision)" or "Enhanced format (VRR)" if you use VRR or Dolby Vision and these options are available.

Display & Sound
        Picture mode - Game
        Auto picture mode - Off
        Light sensor (Ambient light sensor) - Off
        Brightness - Max
        Contrast - 100
        Gamma - 0
        HDR tone mapping - Gradation preferred / Brightness preferred for games that have a fixed peak brightness value, Off for which you can adjust the peak brightness or use the system HDR calibration settings of the console (if option is available). If Off option may not be available, then fine-tuning the HDR peak of the brightness of games is not relevant for you.
        Black level - 50
        Black adjust - Off
        Adv. contrast enhancer - Off
        Peak luminance - High (if available)
        Auto local dimming - High (if available)
        X-tended Dynamic Range - High (if available)
        Color - 50
        Hue - 0
        Color temperature - Expert 1 (according to your preference)
        Live Color - Off
        Sharpness - 50
        Reality Creation - Off (according to your preference)
        Random noise reduction - Off
        Digital noise reduction - Off
        Smooth Gradation - Off
        Motionflow - Off (according to your preference)
        CineMotion - Off (if available)
        HDR mode - Auto
        HDMI video range - Auto. If you see washed out colors and low contrast, then: 
            "Limit" - if your console has an HDMI 2.0 port (PS4, Xbox One) or your TV to which the console is connected has HDMI 2.0 or you have activated VRR/120Hz
            "Full" - if you use HDMI 2.1 for TV and console, and not use VRR/120Hz.
        Color space - Auto

Power & Energy
    Energy Saver
        Power saving - Off

The Auto HDR Tone Mapping feature (if available) may not accurately set PS5's HDR calibration settings. Check and adjust manually if necessary.

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