Cyberpunk 2077 - HDR Settings

Cyberpunk 2077 Cover

1. Set the Maximum Brightness value by finding the HDR peak brightness value (10%) of your TV on the website RTINGS.COM. Before adjusting, make sure you have set the TV settings correctlyIf your TV always does tone mapping and it can't be turned off, then adjusting Maximum Brightness doesn't make sense. Set the maximum value for Maximum Brightness slider. 

2. Set the Tone-Mapping Midpoint value to 1.8-2.0. 
This setting determines the overall exposure of the frame. If the image seems too bright in daytime scenes, you can decrease the value.

To understand what this option changes, see the image below:

3. Set the Paper White value that you prefer. This parameter determines the brightness of the user interface.

If the image looks washed out and lacks contrast, make sure your TV's RGB Dynamic Range and Black Level settings are set correctly.

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