Samsung TV Settings for HDR Gaming

Samsung TV Cover

Check for TV Firmware Updates. Make sure you connect the console to a TV's HDMI port that supports HDMI 2.1, 4k 120Hz, Dolby Vision, etc (if available).

    Eco Solution
        Ambient Light detection - Off
        Motion Light - Off
    Intelligent Mode Settings - Off  (if available)
    External Device Manager
        Input Signal Plus - On for the HDMI port to which the console is connected. For models of older years, the option may be called "HDMI UHD Color".
        Game Mode Settings (Game Mode) - On (it activates lowered input lag and VRR, if available). If 4k120Hz is not available after this, try restarting your console and TV. If VRR is not relevant to you, the best way is to disable the VRR in the console menu or using TV game bar.
        HDMI Black Level - Auto. If you see washed out colors and low contrast, then: 
            "Low" - if your console has an HDMI 2.0 port (PS4, Xbox One) or your TV to which the console is connected has HDMI 2.0 or you have activated VRR/120Hz
            "Normal" - if you use HDMI 2.1 for TV and console, and not use VRR/120Hz.
        Dynamic Black Equalizer - Off
        Game Motion Plus - Off (According to your preference. If you turn it on, then check the input lag)
        HGIG (Game HDR) - OFF for games that have a fixed peak brightness value, ON for which you can adjust the peak brightness or use the system HDR calibration settings of the console. 

But keep in mind that for some QLED models this may not work correctly, your TV will still do tone mapping and when you adjust the peak brightness of the game, the calibration screen symbol will disappear at brightness at 1000 / 4000 / 10000 nits or remain clearly visible anyway. In this case, and also if HGIG mode may not be available, then fine-tuning the HDR peak of the brightness of games is not relevant for you.alert-info

    Power and Energy Saving
        Brightness Optimization - Off
    Picture Mode - Game
    Expert Settings
        Backlight - 50 (if available)
        Brightness - 50 (according to your preference)
        Contrast - 50 (according to your preference)
        Sharpness - 0
        Colour - 25
        Tint (G/R) - 0
        Local Dimming - High (if available)
        Picture Clarity Settings - Off (if available)
        Contrast Enhancer - Off
        Film Mode - Off
        Colour Tone - Warm2, Warm1, Standard (according to your preference)
        Gamma - ST.2084
        Shadow Detail - Off
        Colour Space Settings - Auto
For TVs after 2021, you can use the game bar to control some settings (press and hold the Play/Pause button).

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