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This game uses the PS5 and Xbox HDR system calibration settings. Adjust the PS5 system HDR calibration or Xbox system HDR calibration 

For the tested PS5 version of game (v1.000.002), the actual HDR peak brightness of the game does not match closely enough the HDR peak brightness level set in the PS5 HDR system settings. This can cause light sources to look dim when TV tone mapping is off (HGIG). See the table below for estimated values.

Step, Clicks System Test Pattern Brightness, Nits Actual Game Peak Brightness, Nits
13 731 725
14 842 800
15 973 925
16 1122 1025
17 1295 1140
18 1494 1270
19 1727 1425
20 1991 1585
21 2299 1700
22 2655 1880

You can recalibrate the PS5's HDR system settings to match your TV's peak brightness (see table third column), but remember to set it back to the correct value for other games. Or use your TV's tone mapping modes.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor HDR Settings Screen

In-game HDR settings have two sliders:

HDR Brightness is a mid point, i.e. you can shift the exposure towards light or dark. This option does not affect the HDR peak brightness level in any way. Leave at 50 or adjust to your preference if the entire image appears too dim or bright.

HDR Black Point, as you might guess, adjusts the black level. Leave at 50 or adjust to your preference. Note that too low a value will cause shadow detail to be reduced in some scenes. 
If the image colors is distorted and still looks too high in contrast, try increasing the black level value in step 3 in the PS5 HDR system settings by 1 or more clicks. If you have more trouble activating HDR mode in this game, it is recommended to switch to SDR mode.alert-info

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