Forspoken - PS5 HDR Settings

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This game uses the PS5 system calibration settings. Adjust the PS5 system HDR calibration.
But like the demo version, the released game has problems with peak brightness: the actual in-game peak brightness is much higher than set in the PS5 system calibration settings. For an estimate of the actual peak brightness, see the column 3 of the table below.

PS5 HDR Settings

The best way to use your TV's tone mapping modes so that you don't have problems clipping excess peak brightness and adjust the in-game Brightness slider to an acceptable value.

But if you still want to turn off the tone mapping (use your TV's HGIG mode), then you can recalibrate the PS5's system settings to incorrect values (see column 3 of the table), but don't forget to return the settings to the correct values after end of playing.

Forspoken HDR Settings Screen

You can also leave the PS5's system calibration settings untouched, but try to compensate for the excess peak brightness using the in-game Brightness slider (see column 4 of the table). But the peak brightness value will still not be accurate enough.

PS5 System Calibration Step, Clicks PS5 System Calibration Test Pattern Brightness, Nits Actual Game Peak Brightness, Nits (Brightness Slider = 1.0) Brightness Slider Value to Compensate for Excess Peak Brightness
10 472 860 0,4-0,5
11 546 950 0,4-0,5
12 631 1160 0,4-0,5
13 731 1660 0,3-0,4
14 842 1900 0,3-0,4
15 973 2200 0,3-0,4
16 1122 2540 0,3-0,4
17 1295 2700 0,3-0,4
18 1494 3400 0,3-0,4
19 1727 5250 0,3-0,4

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