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Saints Row Cover

This game does not seem to use the PS4, PS5 and Xbox HDR system calibration settings. 
Try to find data about the peak brightness of your TV on the site RTINGS.COM (value HDR peak brightness 10%). Before adjusting, make sure you have set the TV settings correctly.

Saints Row HDR Option

The Display Min. Brightness slider adjusts the black level. Leave "0" value or increase if the image looks too contrasty.
But the tested version for Xbox Series seems to have black level issues, causing the black level to be insufficient even at the lowest setting, causing the image to look insufficient contrast with washed out colors. If you are also experiencing this effect, try to compensate for this by the TV settings or switch to SDR by turning off HDR in the console menu (the HDR switch in the game menu settings also does not work).

Display Min. Brightness

The Display Max. Brightness slider adjusts the peak brightness. Set the value according to the peak brightness of your TV.


If your TV always does tone mapping and this can't be turned off, then set the Display Max. Brightness slider to several thousand nits.alert-info

The tested version for the Xbox Series also had problems with peak brightness. At some launches of the game, the value of the brightness peak of the game differs significantly from the value set by the Display Max. Brightness slider. If you are also experiencing this effect, then try restarting the game, reconfiguring the Display Max. Brightness slider, or using your TV's tone mapping modes.

Display Max. Brightness

Set HDR UI Brightness slider value according to your preferences.

HDR UI Brightness

The Scene Brightness slider adjusts the balance between dark and light. Leave at 20 or adjust to your preference. Note that too high a value will cause loss of black level.

Scene Brightness

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