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This game does not seem to use the PS4, PS5 and Xbox HDR system calibration settings. 
Try to find data about the peak brightness of your TV on the site RTINGS.COM (value HDR peak brightness 10%). Before adjusting, make sure you have set the TV settings correctly.

In the video settings of the game, using the HDR MODE option, select your preferred visual style:
  • Default - faded colors
  • Vibrant - saturated colors
The Elder Scrolls Online HDR Mode

Set the value of the HDR Peak Brightness slider according to the maximum brightness of your TV using the table below:

HDR Peak Brightness slider, ClicksActual Game Brightness, Nits
6 (default)500

The Elder Scrolls Online HDR Peak Brightness

HDR Scene Brightness adjusts the exposure. Set the value as you wish, following the rule that the character's skin and highlights on surfaces should not be very bright. Use the screenshot below to understand the effect of the option on the image. The recommended value is 5-7 clicks.

The Elder Scrolls Online HDR Scene Brightness

HDR Scene Contrast slider adjusts the black level. Find an area with shadows or dark objects and adjust the slider to achieve deep blacks but keep details in the shadows visible. Keep in mind that increasing the HDR Scene Brightness slider value also worsens the black level, so adjust the HDR Scene Contrast slider after completion of adjustment the HDR Scene Brightness slider. The recommended value is 4-5 clicks.

HDR UI Brightness slider controls the brightness of the user interface, but the brightness of the UI also depends on the brightness set by the HDR Peak Brightness slider. The minimum value of the HDR UI Brightness slider corresponds to the brightness level set by the HDR Peak Brightness slider. Once the HDR Peak Brightness adjustment is complete, further increasing the HDR UI Brightness slider value will cause the UI Brightness to be increased to an overlimit, which makes no sense. It is recommended to leave the HDR UI Brightness slider at its minimum position (leftmost position).

HDR UI Contrast slider adjusts the black level of the user interface. Adjust to your preference. The maximum value (rightmost position) is recommended.

If your TV always does tone mapping and this can't be turned off, then set the HDR Peak Brightness slider to maximum position and adjust the HDR Scene Brightness slide to an acceptable value.alert-info


  1. These settings make sense however, any thing over 500 nits is getting eye searingly bright for light sources and menu text, especially at night or in a dungeon. Any ideas?

    Don't have this issue with other games on my LG oled so just kept it at 500 for now.


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