Injustice 2 - HDR Settings

Injustice 2 Cover

This game does not seem to use the PS4/PS5 HDR system calibration settings. Before adjusting, make sure you have set the TV settings correctly.

Injustice 2 HDR peak Brightness Settings

The peak brightness settings control the game's peak brightness quite precisely. Values are in nits.
But this peak brightness setting only adjusts the peak brightness of pre-rendered cutscenes in story mode and the main menu. The brightness of the game during battles is high up to 10000 nits regardless of the game settings.
If the image of such objects seems too bright to you and you lose details in bright areas, then use the DTM mode of your TV.


  1. Thanks for spending time putting up all of these articles on HDR settings. It's great for a quick check to see what I need to be doing on a game-by-game basis because HDR is still the wild-west (even though we have standards today).

    It seems all your testing is on PlayStation, I'm wondering how different these are on PC where monitors don't have dynamic tone mapping. I only play games on PC; although, usually on my TV these days. Either way, I don't ever use the dynamic tone mapper. I didn't realize so many games would require dynamic tone mapping on PlayStation.

    tl;dr: Are the settings on PC any different?

    1. Hello. Multi-platform games most likely do not use the console's system HDR settings, but have internal game HDR settings. Most likely these settings are the same on all platforms. But each game needs to be checked individually. For example, HZD does not have HDR settings on PS4, but settings have been added for the PC version of the game. I'm writing about the playstation platform because that's all I have so far.
      Dynamic tone mapping often has the opposite problem. Some TV brands do not allow you to turn off tone mapping, that is, the TV always does this, which means that setting the peak brightness does not make sense.


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