Gran Turismo Sport - HDR Settings

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Before adjusting, make sure you have set the TV settings correctlyIt doesn't matter how accurately you adjust the brightness of the test squares in the Display Setting Assistant, because in the Display Settings menu a digital value will be assigned that corresponds to the brightness range. Example: HDR Peak Brightness Value=4 is the brightness from 720 to 900 Nits. You can choose not to use the Display Setup Assistant, but set the value in the Display Settings menu using the table.

In the table:

Column 1 is the number of the HDR Peak Brightness value in the Display Settings Menu.

Gran Turismo Sport HDR Peak Brightness

Column 2 is the step value from -100 to 100 in the Display Setting Assistant.

Gran Turismo Sport Display Settings Assistance

Column 3 is the brightness value in Nits.

Gran Turismo Sport  HDR peak brightness table

Set the Exposure Adjustment value to 0.0 EV.
Set the Adjust Saturation value to 100 .

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