Gears of War 4 - HDR Settings

Gears of War 4 Cover

This game does not seem to use the Xbox HDR system calibration settings. 
Try to find data about the peak brightness of your TV on the site RTINGS.COM (value HDR peak brightness 10%). Before adjusting, make sure you have set the TV settings correctly.

Gears of War 4 HDR Brightness Settings

The middle symbol of the calibration screen displays the actual peak brightness of the game.
Adjust the in-game HDR Brightness slider to match your TV's peak brightness using the rule:


The minimum slider value is 500 nits. Each click of the slider increases the brightness value by 50 nits. That is, to find out the number of clicks to required your TV peak brightness, use the formula:

Clicks = (Peak Brightness of Your TV - 500) / 50

If your TV always does tone mappingand this can't be turned off, then set the HDR Brightness slider to several thousand nits.alert-info

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