Gran Turismo 7 - HDR Settings

Gran Turismo 7 Cover

This game uses the PS4/PS5 HDR system calibration settings. Adjust the PS5 system HDR calibration using the information.

Gran Turismo 7 HDR Settings Screen

In the game settings you also have the Exposure Correction and Adjust Saturation sliders.
Leave the Adjust Saturation slider at its default value of 100.
If the image doesn't seem too dark or light to you, then leave the Exposure Correction slider at its default value of 0. Otherwise, adjust to your preference.

Despite using PS4/PS5 system HDR calibration, some highlights (like car flare) has very high values of several thousand nits, which is beyond the capabilities of your TV. Don't try to compensate for this by decreasing the Exposure Correction slider. You will degrade the exposure of the entire image, but you will not reduce the peak brightness of such highlights.alert-info

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