Middle-earth: Shadow of War - HDR Settings

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cover

The peak brightness in the game seems to be fixed and not adjustable. This game does not seem to use the PS4/PS5 HDR system calibration settings. Peaking the brightness of the brightest light sources (sun) have a brightness of up to 10000 nits, but this is not critical. But the brightness of frequent objects such as the highlight has a brightness of over 1000 nits. 

Middle-earth: Shadow of War HDR Settings

If the image of such objects seems too bright to you and you lose details in bright areas, then use the DTM mode of your TV. 
The settings also has a Game Brightness slider. This option is similar to black point. A middle value is recommended.
To understand what this option changes, see the image below:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War game brightness Settings

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