Detroit: Become Human - HDR Settings

Detroit: Become Human Cover

The game seems to have fixed brightness levels that you cannot adjust. In some scenes, the brightness of slightly lit objects is around 600-700 Nits. The brightness of some glare can go up to 1200 Nits and the brightness of very bright lamps and glare can be up to 10,000 Nits. It is not critical if very bright light sources have a brightness more than the capabilities of your TV. But if the brightness of ordinary scenes seems too dim or light to you, then use the DTM mode of your TV.
You can adjust the black level using the HDR setting option in the game menu. Do this if, even after setting the correct dynamic RGB range in the TV and console, the image still seems to you not contrasting with washout colors or overcontrasting.

Detroit: Become Human HDR Settings Screen

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